Off To Denver!

April 23, 2014

I'm super excited to jet off to Denver tomorrow for two awesome events!

First, I'm teaching my Emery Dress in a two-day weekend intensive dressmaking marathon at the amazing Fancy Tiger! I can't wait to see the shop in person and meet their lovely students! The class is sold out, but if you're not enrolled and want to swing by to say hi, I'll be there teaching all day Saturday and Sunday this weekend, so feel free to interrupt me and say hello! I've heard that they have my patterns and new book in stock, so if you need me to sign the book, I can do that too!

I'm also super excited to be shooting another episode for PBS' Sew It All with the lovely Ellen March! I was on season two and it will be great to revisit the set and shoot another season. I'm not sure when that will air but you can check your local PBS listings to see if you get it and when it is on.

After all of that goodness, my man and I are taking a day and a half for vacation before coming home, as I used to live in Denver and Boulder and we're going to see some old haunts as well as some old friends. Things will be a little quiet here for the next week while I'm away, but then I'll be back in action before you know it!

Thanks all!

Craftcation Zippy Bag Tutorial

April 21, 2014

At this year's Craftcation Conference I taught a super simple zipper bag for beginner sewers. Though I wanted it to be something that anyone could complete, even if you've never touched a sewing machine, it's also a super satisfying project for anyone to make and honestly, don't you need like 1,000 little zipper bags in your life? I know I do! I have one in nearly every shape and size for all kinds of things!

I thought I'd share the instructions with all of you since I took the time to make up real instructions for the students to take with them. A few notes about the instructions:

  • I didn't have the students interface the outer layer of the bag due to time constraints, but I highly recommend using a lightweight woven fusible interfacing on the two outer layers before sewing the bag up.
  • You can use any weight of fabric you like, but I would recommend using either quilt weight for both the outer and the lining, or using a heavier canvas for the outer and quilt weight for the lining. Using a heavy weight for both will create a lot of bulk.
  • These can be made up in any size you like, so I don't have a cutting layout pattern on the instructions, as you can really do anything you like. Keep in mind that the boxed bottoms will eat up 2" of the bag's width and height when doing your size. The ones I made in class were 10" square to start, but you can make it whatever you want! 
  • Because we're sewing over the zipper teeth, do not use a zipper with metal teeth. If you choose a metal zipper, simply stop on either side of the teeth and back stitch to secure the stitch when having to sew over the zipper. You might want to hand tack with a few hand sewing stitches where the metal teeth are to hold it in place. 
  • To ease the sewing for the new students, I chose a zipper that was much too long and had them center the fabric on the zipper. Then we sewed with a regular presser foot with the needle in the left position so you could see a bit of the zipper tape and didn't have to fuss with a zipper foot. After sewing around the bag's perimeter, simply cut off the excess tape on either end! Easy peasy!

To get the instructions, download them here and print them out! Note that they are in color to differentiate the layers for instruction's sake, so if you choose to print them, keep that in mind!

I hope you enjoy these little bags, and if you make them up, let me know! I'd love to see your creations!